It is one thing to simply clean your floor, it is another to strip and refinish them.  If your vinyl composite tile is not properly maintained, then it will lost its appeal.


When you want to restore your tiles, you need to strip the old finish and put fresh coatings with the kind of finish that matches the type of tile your are using.  A cleaner and clearer tile is the result if restoration is done properly.  Restored tiles become beautiful tiles as their coating emits a reflective light, and from being unsafe, the floor become slip-resistant.  Another advantage that one gets in properly coating your tile after stripping is that it protects the tile underneath - which cost a lot more than the cost it takes to strip and coat them regularly.


But, if you use the services of an outdated service provider it would also be costly and a waste of time since with them your tiles will only look good for a few months and then look dull and unsightly again instead of doing it properly which will make you tiles look great for a long time, even years.  Bottom line, this has to be done properly and maintain them with proper methods.


Do not be in a hurry to hire Floor Stripping and Waxing Tampa services to wax your floors.  Waxing floors in the facility floor maintenance industry has not been commonly used since 1950.  The reasons for this is because tile floors of today are now protected by acrylic co-polymer metal-interlock formulations or its variant types.  This only goes to show that any floor waxing company advertising this kind of service is obviously either behind the times of modern terminology or worst, likely still utilizing that kind of approach and techniques with inferior results.  So even if the company advertises their expertise in resilient tile waxing, you know that they are really obsolete because of the paradigm shift that has made their methods and techniques obsolete.


Resilience in tiles means they are tough and hard when one of something lands on it.  Resilient flooring is not like this but it is capable of returning to its original shape or position after it has been compressed.  Therefore, compared to those truly hard floor surfaces like stone which are referred to as non-resilient, resilient flooring can seem somewhat "cushiony" when you walk on it.  And because resilient flooring is usually a mixture of fillers, binders, and color -applying acrylic coating can create a substantial damage when you infuse a chemical substance that is not compatible with the type of tile that you are using.



It is not only enough to choose any floor stripping company that does not wax, but pick a stripping company with extensive experience in coating acrylic type variants that match your floor type. Click Here to get started!